Some Great Philly Snow Videos

Everybody becomes an artist when the flakes fall.

Everybody becomes a photographer when the flakes fall. Some even become videographers. Here’s a few of the better Philly snow videos we’ve found today:

Camera One writes: “Some shots in the snow, testing out the Glidecam HD 4000.”

Snow In Philadelphia from Camera One on Vimeo.

Dan King writes: “The view of Market Street in Old City, Philadelphia from my desk on 01/21/2014.Quarter-second exposures every 30 seconds for about 5 hours.”

SNOWLAPSE from Dan King on Vimeo.

Doug Keith writes: “Recorded some of my bike ride home through the snow storm today in Philly. Song is “Bankrupt!” by Phoenix.” Action gets going about 25 seconds in.

Snow ride in Philly through Janus snow storm from Doug Keith on Vimeo.

Phuc Lam on YouTube: “Philadelphia winter snow storm keeping American bulldog happy.”

Philadelphia Snow ‘FALL’

A dog’s point-of-view playing in the snow