Charlie Manuel Is Coming Back to the Phillies

Will take an undetermined front office job.

Cholly’s back! The Daily News reports that Charlie Manuel, the former World Series manager who was dumped mid-season last year, is returning to the Phillies in an unspecified front office position.

Manuel’s position would probably be similar to the one he had when he first joined the Phillies in 2003, two years before he became the team’s manager. Last month, Amaro said he was still awaiting Manuel’s decision regarding such a job.

“He could be a hitting guru with the organization (and do some) troubleshooting and scouting, much like he was when he was here for (former general manager) Ed Wade,” Amaro said before Christmas. “I hope he comes on. He would be a tremendous asset for us. I think he can help us and me in a variety of ways.”

Remember: Larry Bowa, another former Phillies manager, will also be with the team this year as part of manager Ryne Sandberg’s staff. Dallas Green is “Senior Advisor to the General Manager for the Phillies.” If the team can just add Jim Fregosi to the staff somehow, there’s no way the team won’t contend, right?

We’re starting to think this is gonna be a weird season.