Is Norcross Trying to Quash “Bridgegate”?

A former Jersey governor drops hints.

State Sen. Dick Codey (a former acting governor of New Jersey) suggested on MSNBC yesterday that unnamed unelected Democratic powerbrokers with whom Chris Christie is close were involved in trying to cover up the governor’s “BridgeGate” scandal.

They deliver him votes — simple as that. In my opinion those power brokers are still trying to disrupt this investigation, without question. There’s a movement afoot — it has been for awhile — to stop this whole thing and stop it cold.

Though he didn’t name names, the powerbrokers to whom he’s referring are almost certainly George Norcross III and Joe “Joe D” Divincenzo. (Joe D, perched in Essex county, is a bit closer to the George Washington Bridge than Camden-based Norcross, for what it’s worth.) You’d think Norcross had enough on his plate these days…

h/t Star-Ledger