How Septa Will Be Better Next Year

Here are some major improvements to look forward to.

Thanks to the big transportation bill that averted the “Doomsday budget”, SEPTA has announced major plans to refurbish its fleet and stations in the next few years. From the Inquirer‘s write-up:

  • “SEPTA will finally be able to replace century-old rail bridges, such as the Crum Creek Viaduct on the Media-Elwyn Line, and decrepit power plants, such as the Jenkintown Substation, built in 1931. The agency also will move to replace the 43-year-old Silverliner IV railcars that make up two-thirds of its fleet.”
  • “In addition to railcars, bridges, and power stations, the plans include new trolleys, new overhead power lines for trains, improvements to the Center City trolley tunnel, many miles of new track, shored-up rail beds, new communications and signal equipment, repaired maintenance facilities, more handicapped-accessible subway and elevated stations, and, eventually, rebuilt subway station and pedestrian concourses beneath City Hall.”
  • “A dozen Regional Rail stations will be rehabbed, and parking will be increased at some of the busiest stations.”

And those trolley lines and the Bala Cynwyd line (though that could probably go) rumored for extinction? They’re not going anywhere. Now about those etiquette problems