The Five Best-Paid University Presidents in PA

Drexel, Penn, leading the way.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released its annual These University Presidents Are Very Rich list, and both Drexel’s John Fry and Penn’s Amy Guttman are among the 40 highest-paid in the country. (Gutmann is 6th in the country.) Here are the best-compensated presidents in Pennsylvania–private universities only.

  • Amy Gutmann, Penn: $2,091,764
  • Esther Barrazzone, Chatham University: $1,812,132
  • Alice Gast, Lehigh University:$1,162,598
  • John Fry, Drexel: $1,021,739
  • Jared Cohon, Carnegie Mellon: $946,095

Remember, this is total compensation–not base salary. Here are some more PA salaries: Swarthmore’s president gets $701,755, Bryn Mawr’s gets $543,529, and Haverford’s gets $300,029.