Don Tollefson Scam Bigger Than We Thought

IRS, Grand Jury, now on the case.

The Daily News has some major juice on the ongoing Don Tollefson Eagles tickets scam story, which turns out to be much more than a story about a scam revolving around Eagles tickets.

Sources tell the Daily News that Tollefson’s charities have been raising eyebrows for more than a decade, going back to his days at Fox 29, and the multijurisdictional criminal probe into the alleged scam has already expanded beyond the Eagles road-trip snafu.

The investigation now involves the IRS and a grand jury, according to a source recently contacted by a law-enforcement official working the Tollefson case. Websites for most of Tollefson’s charities have gone dark.

“It’s a monster right now,” said Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Ryan Hyde, who specializes in complex white-collar cases, of the Tollefson investigation. “We’ve talked with more than 100 victims. It’s a sizable amount of money.”

Read the rest of the piece for yourself. There are grisly details–Tollefson failing to deliver promised money to a cancer patient–and funny ones–a website clumsily written in ALL-CAPS. [Daily News]