Wait, No Tailgating at the Super Bowl This Year?!

This would never happen at the Linc.

Judging by this report from the Bergen Record, it seems like tailgating will be near-impossible during this year’s Super Bowl at the Meadowlands–if not outright banned.

First off, if you don’t have a ticket to the game, you can’t hang out in the parking lot. Period. No Big Fan-style rooting, in other words. Second, even if you have a ticket, your parking/hanging out options will be severely circumscribed.

[The] number of available parking spaces will be reduced about 60 percent compared with a typical football Sunday, from 27,000 spaces to about 11,000…Even if one is lucky enough to score both a ticket and a parking pass, don’t expect to get out the über-barbecue grill and set out a lavish game-day spread. “People will not have reserved spaces — they will be directed exactly where to go, and because parking is at a premium, absolutely no one will be taking up more than one space,” [Wayne Hasenbalg, president of the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority] said.

Hasenbalg is even contemplating a ‘no tailgating’ policy, but that’s to-be-determined. Look, since the Birds are making the Super Bowl anyways, I hereby invite all the aspiring tailgaters of the world to the parking lot at the Linc on gameday. That cool, Lurie?