Rocky Steps Driver Banned from Art Museum…

...For a few weeks, at least.

In an arraignment today, a judge told Eman Faki, the guy who drove backwards down the Rocky Steps in October, that he was not allowed to go near the museum for about a month, while awaiting a hearing. Oh and also: He charged him with reckless endangerment.

Art museum officials say that Faki, a 20-year-old college student from Turkey, caused $8,000 in damage. This apparently happens a fair amount, though never before (as far as we know) in such brazen fashion.

Art Museum masonry contractor Gary Lorenzon said this wasn’t the first incident were someone drove down the steps. “A lot of people have driven off of it, in different situations,” he said. “You know, one guy’s drunk, another guy just got lost, another woman couldn’t see.”

Stay tuned to see what Faki gets–at the very least he might get some leniency for turning himself in. [NBC 10]