The Piazza Is Being Turned into a Skating Rink

Let's call it: The Brooklyn Rink

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 8.43.38 AM

I’m a day or two late to this, but: Weeks after the Piazza’s Brooklyn Flea experiment ended, a new tenant is coming to town. Beginning on November 30th, a 5,000 sq ft skating rink will debut at the Piazza. (Hey, figures NYC-based landlord Jared Kushner, if the Brooklyn Flea doesn’t work, maybe Rockefeller Center will.) Just one catch: It’s not real ice!

“It is a pop-up ice skating rink,” [Piazza at Schmidt’s director of marketing Ruthann Francis] says.  “It’s something that is brought by Artificial Ice Events.  It’s put together, it is synthetic ice, but you still would use ice skates on it.  So they kind of compared it to, like, the biggest cutting board surface.”

One thing it’s got going over the BKLYNFLEA: Prices are good. $5 entry for adults and $3 entry for kids. Tack on another buck for skate rentals and you’re there. The rink will be open until February 23rd, but the ice is fake anyways, so don’t sweat the weather. More deets here.

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