Comcast Offering Free Phone Calls to the Philippines

Some good corporate citizenship in light of the typhoon.

In light of the typhoon that has killed (at last count) 4,600 people and that the U.N. estimates has affected close to 11 million, Comcast is offering free phone calls to the Philippines from November 8th to November 23rd–for customers with Xfinity service. (Would have been nice for people to know this on the 8th, when the disaster struck, but a nice gesture nonetheless.) Here’s how many people might be taking advantage in the Philly area.

According to the 2010 census, 16,616 Filipinos are living in the Phila-Camden-Wilmington metro area. Many of them live in the Cherry Hill area and near the Newbold section of Point Breeze. Check out a map of their concentration here.