Pennsylvania Attracting Foreign Students

State ranks sixth in attracting out-of-country students.

The Inquirer reports that Penn and Penn State are hotbeds for foreign students. “Pennsylvania was sixth in the country in international student enrollment with 37,280, up 11.6 percent from the previous year,” the paper reported.

With 6,693 international students, Penn State continued its steady climb up the list, placing 10th among U.S. doctoral institutions. The state’s flagship university receives most of its overseas students from China – mirroring a national trend – followed by India and South Korea, also the second and third most popular nationally.

Penn placed 19th – its first time in the top 20 – with 5,751 international students. The top countries sending students were China, India, South Korea, and Canada.

“That reflects our commitment to international students,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, Penn’s first vice provost for global initiatives. “It also reflects our commitment to global initiatives more generally. We now have a strategic plan, and we’re now systematically approaching these issues.”

No word on what percentage of those students stay after graduation, and how many take their education home.