GENIUS: Moving Online Underwear Models Will Change the Way You Shop For Undies

Mack Weldon has forever changed the way you’ll shop for underwear. “There simply had to be a better way,” the company says in its online bio. “The experience of buying underwear – from the pilgrimage to the department store, to the endless sea of ever-changing product – had to be fixed. A tattered mess of underwear and socks, and an ambitious goal to change the status quo, is why we created this brand.”

One way they’ve made a change is using moving underwear models on its website — making the shopping experience sexy and practical all at the same time. Click on its underwear page and you get three screens featuring a model — who seems to be there just for you — just hanging out in three pairs of the brand’s undies — the trunk, boxer brief and a pair of tighty whities. In one, he does a twirl for you so you can see what it looks like from all sides. In another, he takes off a pair of pants and then scurries off to the side. The last, my favorite, catches him front-and-center wearing nothing but trunks and a sexy pair of nerd glasses. (Is it me, or is he totally shooting me sex eyes right now?)

I couldn’t copy paste the moving version on here, so you’ll have to venture to the site to check it out. If you’re stocked up on underwear, there are moving models in the undershirt section, too.