Will Israel Close Its Philadelphia Consulate?

Nobody loves us.

Last month, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israel was seriously contemplating closing its Philadelphia consulate on JFK Boulevard. Why?

While important, [said foreign minister Ze’ev Elkin] the Philadelphia consulate could be closed because Israel had ample representation in nearby Boston, Washington and New York, which could cover the region now under the Philadelphia consulate’s jurisdiction.

Oh, come on! Philly’s population is bigger than Washington’s and Boston’s combined! Well, the Post now reports that the the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce is lobbying to keep the consulate in town. Says president Richard Bendit: “Approximately 25% of Israel’s $5 billion of exports to the US passes through the Greater Philadelphia region, which boasts the fifth largest Jewish community in the US.” Congressman Pat Meehan and Change.org have joined the fun too.

You know what to do, Mike.