LGBT Six-Word Memoir of the Day:
Sandy Smith

48. Sandy Smith

In partnership with SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir Projectwe asked you to submit your queer life stories—succinctly. Every day until we run out, we will present the most touching, poignant and hilarious entries in meme form.

Today, go-getter Philly journalist Sandy Smith. Sandy writes for all kinds of Philly media outlets, including Philly Mag’s news and Property blogs, but you can usually find him blogging away on his main gig, the Philadelphia Real Estate Blog, where he reports on everything from new city construction to historic, hidden architectural gems.

Sandy’s meme actually finishes up our LGBT Six-Word Memoir of the Day postings. (Tear.) To check out all the ones we’ve done so far, click here. We’ll also be putting the collection into an album on our Facebook page very soon. Thanks for following along. We’ve had a blast doing these.