Candy Corn Was Invented In Philadelphia

And other things you probably don't know about Halloween's most addictive confectionary.

Today being Halloween, we thought we’d explore the history, the lore, and the origins of candy corn, the one candy that only seems to make itself present at this time of the year.

1. Candy corn was invented in Philadelphia.

We’re not only the birthplace of freedom.

2. Candy corn has been in space.

Yeah, because that’s what I’d bring as my “crew preference” item if I were heading to space for five-and-a-half months.

3. You can make your own candy corn.

Naturally, Alton Brown will show you the way.

4. Candy corn is not that bad for you.

But it’s still bad for you.

5. Candy corn once caused a massive fire in New Jersey.

No one died, but lots of candy corn was injured.

6. Most candy corn is not vegetarian-friendly.


7. Time magazine published an oral history of candy corn.

Slow news day.

8. A pre-schooler was recently forbidden from eating the candy corn her mother had packed in her lunch.

Is nothing sacred?

9. Dentists say candy corn is among the worst candy for your teeth.

Good news: Sweet Tarts are much, much better!

10. Candy Corn Oreos exist.

Ew. Just ew.