North Philly Woman Says DEA Raid Hit Wrong Home

"They had lights in my face, guns, everything."

Maybe somebody should give the federal government access to Google Maps. A North Philly woman says DEA agents busted into her house this week—apparently mistaking her residence for one where prescription meds have been illegally sold.

Fox 29 reports on Corinne Webb’s ordeal:

Webb, who suffers from asthma, says the agents not only broke up her front door, but they searched her home, overturned furniture and upset her whole family.

“They had lights in my face, guns, everything. I couldn’t even see to come down the steps,” Webb said.

Following the incident, agents showed her a picture of a man that she did not know.

After only living in the area for one year, the intrusion left Webb confused.

“They came here no warrant, no nothing, bust my door open, broke my bed, and told me nothing,” Webb said.

The DEA did not comment. Fox 29 observes: “The raid at Webbs’ home appears to be in association with the takedown of the Leon Little drug Operation Tuesday.Federal Agents say a $3 million dollar illegal enterprise obtained and distributed nearly 400,000 prescription pills such as oxycodone and Xanax. The drug raid netted 27 arrests across the area.” But apparently not at Corinne Webb’s home.