Man Survives Carjacking, Shooting in Society Hill

Sometimes, bad things happen in good neighborhoods.

Even the police sound disbelieving of this, but it’s true: a 23-year-old man was shot in the back early this morning after resisting a carjacking attempt in Society Hill, near Second and Walnut streets.

NBC 10 reports the crime happened about 1:45 am this morning, as the man was getting into his Jeep Wrangler. Two men approached; he was pistol-whipped after offering resistance.

“This is unusual,” said Philadelphia Police Capt. George Fuchs. “This is a nice area… people come down here to have fun and we don’t really get a lot of reports of shootings down in this area, it’s a well protected area.”

“There was like blood all over the place,” said Fuchs. “He did break free from them finally and he ran probably like a half a block down Walnut and he was shot in the back.”

The man remains hospitalized. [NBC 10]