Uber Lowering Prices in Philly

Don't fear the meter.


Since Uber debuted in Philadelphia in 2012, the minimum fare has stayed constant at $15. Today, the limo/alt-cab service announced it was lowering that fee to $12. Huzzah! According to a press release, Uber says its fares will change thusly, on average:


Center City to the Stadiums:  $32                      $28

Manayunk to Center City:     $40                      $35

Center City to Villanova:       $76                      $67

Still more expensive than an average cab, from the looks of it. Guess that’s the price of ordering something presto on your phone. As for the beleaguered old cabs, this ain’t gonna make their lives any easier. And in case you thought for a second Philly was ahead of the curve: Uber has already dropped its prices in Washington and San Francisco, according to Technically Philly.