NY Times Writes Worst Review of Betsy Ross House Ever

Way to sell it, guys.

Yesterday (and about once a year, apparently), the New York Times profiled “up-and-coming” Fishtown. Seems they’re also taking interest in a decidedly not up-and-coming area: Old City. And this time, they don’t even pretend it’s worth checking out. See their review of the Betsy Ross house.

Spoiler alert: It has never been documented that Betsy Ross lived in the Betsy Ross House. Neither is it likely that she made the first American flag; that story came from her grandson William Canby in the early 1870s, and even he conceded it was family lore. Nor should you imagine that Betsy Ross’s bones lie in the grave in the adjacent courtyard: her remains were meant to be moved from a family burial site to that location at the time of the Bicentennial, but they proved elusive, and the bones of random relatives are probably there instead. But don’t let any of this deter you from visiting the house…

Oh, we will! For more complaints about this feature see Property.