Marimow Petition Gets Required Signatures

Black Hawk Down author signed it.

A petitioner called “Citizens for Marimow,” who may or may not be affiliated with “Friends of Bill,” has a petition calling for a “review” into the firing of ex-Inquirer editor Bill Marimow by Interstate General Media publisher Robert Hall.

A publisher’s role is not to reach over the shoulder of the editor and pick out specific editors to fire who have offended the publisher.  This is unprofessional and unethical.

Moreover, the release of human resources information to the public, as Mr. Hall clearly has done, is a breach of fiduciary responsibility and professionalism that is beyond unacceptable.

Please restore good journalism to The Inquirer and protect the public’s right to receive news that is fair and untarnished by the political connections of one politically motivated owner of The Inquirer.

The petition requires 100 signatures, which as of 12:25, it had just accumulated. It’s unclear who is being asked to conduct the review, but I’m guessing IGM doesn’t all of a sudden capitulate to 100 sigs on

Only six of the 36 petitioners who commented were from the Philadelphia area. It appears one of them, however, is a prominent author: journalist and Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden, who lives in Oxford, PA. Bowden–or the man calling himself Bowden–wrote: “I care about good, indepedent (SIC!!!) journalism.” A request for confirmation with Bowden was not immediately returned.