In a Season Dedicated to Tanking, the Sixers Promotional Department Will Really Earn Its Pay

The latest promotion? A personalized billboard for paying ticketholders

Since the Sixers have all but openly declared their intention to suck this year in order to draft well in 2014, it’s clear the promotions department is going to work overtime to attract paying customers to this season’s all-but-forfeited games. Having tried the uber-patriotic route, the team now is aiming straight at the narcissism of potential ticket buyers.

CBS Local explains: “According to the team, the first 76 fans who purchase single game tickets Tuesday will get a personalized ‘Together We Build’ billboard. The first 76 fans will receive a photo of their billboard from the team. (See above) The billboards will be in rotation with other Sixers advertisements throughout the week.” I’ll be buying one of those first tickets under my legal name, Amanda Hugginkiss.