The Philly Diner Is Being Replaced by an Office Building for Penn

Penn students and night owls citywide alike morned the loss of the iconic Philly Diner at 39th and Walnut when it closed in October 2011. They held out hope, though, praying for a 24-hour waffle house or greasy spoon, wishing in vain for the Philly Diner’s salty, buttery legacy to live on.

Today, it became clear that that dream has reached its ultimate end. There will be no batter-slinging, egg-cracking antics at 3901 Walnut any longer, it’s syrupy stomping grounds to be replaced by a drab office building.

We’ve got Penn to thank for that, since the school’s constructing the brand-new Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics. Which, to be fair, sounds ivy league for “diner.”

Unfortunately, though, it is not. Naturally, that’s got some Penn students upset:

“[Philly Diner] was a staple,” Engineering senior Jake Brenza said. “Aren’t there enough office buildings already? It’s right in the middle of all the good food.”

Jake gets it, but some freshman and sophomores just haven’t been schooled in the exotic ways of late night eats in Philly:

“I’m indifferent towards it,” Engineering sophomore Michael Nissan said. “I have no connection to the space.”

How dare you, Michael. Philadelphians, as a rule, unanimously share this connection. All is the diner, and the diner is all. Even if it’s being reborn as an office building. [Daily Pennsylvanian]