Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski on Rendell’s Support in Gubernatorial Run: Just Kidding

Friday, Allentown mayor Ed Pawlowski name-dropped Ed Rendell as the host of a Center City party on Thursday night to benefit his ongoing gubernatorial campaign:

“I was honored that the governor would host a fundraising event for me, and I greatly appreciate his friendship and support,” the email quoted Pawlowski as saying.

Now, though, Pawlowski is pulling back on his claims of anointment by the Big Guy himself. Turns out the party, which Rendell did host, was in support of Pawlowski’s mayoral campaign (Pawlowski is seeking to extend his stay as Allentown’s mayor in November’s general election). Rendell, of course, said last week that he would not endorse anyone in the governor’s race just yet.

Pawlowski’s correction, to his credit, was swift, sending out an email clarification shortly after the initial message went out:

“Former Governor Ed Rendell hosted a fundraising reception for Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s MAYORAL re-election campaign last night at the law firm Ballard Spahr. The event did not serve as an endorsement for his 2014 Gubernatorial campaign.”

But you can always dream, Ed. You can always dream. []