PHOTOS: Our New Stripped Model Loves His Tight Black Undies

Check out behind-the-scenes shots with our next Stripped model, 34-year-old personal trainer Noe Espinosa.

We’re already hard at work on our winter print issue — due out in November — and this week we wrapped up one of our favorite tasks: the photo shoot with our next Stripped model, Latin heartthrob Noe Espinosa. 

The session took place at the Power Plant Studios in Old City, where we ogled at chatted with the 34-year-old 12th Street Gym trailer for the Q&A and  photo that will appear at the back of the book. He had us all hot and bothered over once answer — that he feels sexiest when he is wearing tight black underwear, the tinier the better.

We didn’t waste a second letting him slip into a pair for this week’s shoot. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos below:

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