Jerry Sandusky Is Back in Court This Week

Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky will be back in court Tuesday in an apparent attempt to convince a different judge that he simply has an intense—but totally nonsexual—interest in young people. Lawyers are seeking a new trial as well to have Sandusky’s sentence overturned.

But before that can happen, the state superior court will have to decide on three factors:

first, whether prosecutors made a reference to the fact that Sandusky did not testify at trial.

second, whether jury instructions were improperly handled; and

and finally whether the defense was given enough time to prepare for trial.

Sandusky, of course, won’t take part in person, as he’s currently in jail for as many as 60 years as part of the infamous sexual abuse scandal that shocked the Penn State community and America alike. Before that, he was a football coach. [CBS]