5 Local Politicians Hating On Vlad Putin

As my colleague Joel Mathis noted yesterday, Vladimir Putin wrote perhaps the most astonishing, chutzpah-filled op-ed every to grace the pages of the New York Times. Several NJ and PA pols down in Washington weren’t too pleased, either.

Bob Mendendez told CNN he “almost wanted to vomit” after reading the piece.

Bob Casey called it “obnoxious and misleading.”

Pat Toomey, while not responding to the op-ed itself, said he was “deeply skeptical about the motivation of the Russians and the viability of their plan to place Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.”

Chaka Fattah, in a tweet, said “America is exceptional enough for Putin to be able to write Op Ed in NYT & Assad on TV with Charlie Rose .Free speech.Russia & Syria try it?”

Jim Kenney, no fan of Russia these days, had this to say about the possibility of reaching a diplomatic agreement with Putin regarding Syria’s chemical weapons: “Yea, I trust Putin. He’s got nice eyes. Think he may have poisoned a few folks in his day. Haha!”