Wilson Goode Jr. Wants to Crack Down on City Hall Lobbyists

WHYY’s Dave Davies reports on a proposal by Wilson Goode Jr. to crack down on City Hall corruption:

He’s introducing a bill which would take the limits on political contributions by those seeking city contracts down to zero, and completely ban contributions to city candidates by lobbyists in the city.

I asked for his take on the effectiveness of the city’s existing pay-to-play measures.

“Even though we have not had a pay-to-play scandal, people are still concerned, and I am particularly concerned, about big business trying to influence government, particularly policy that relates to economic opportunity,” he said.

Davies talked to Adam Bonin, a local attorney who specializes in campaign law.“I think that it is way too restrictive on legitimate activities that don’t corrupt the process, and I think that the thing just goes too far,” Bonin said. No word on when or how Goode’s proposal is expected  to progress.