Transgender PA Student Wants to Run for Homecoming King

The Daily Mail reports on Kasey Caron, a transgender high school student in Johnstown, Pa. Caron was “assigned” a female identity at birth, but Caron’s ovaries actually produce an above-average amount of “male hormones.” The story from there:

For the bulk of his four years at Richland High School in Johnstown, Caron’s teachers and classmates have recognized him as male.

When a guidance counselor suggested he enter his name for homecoming king at the beginning of the school year, Caron thought the school was finally ready to accept his gender identity, reports The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

But on the day the student body was scheduled to vote for the homecoming court, administrators told Caron that their legal counsel had informed them they were required to list Caron’s name on the female ballot, because he is legally identified as female on his driver’s license.

He was voted to the homecoming court anyway, but Caron has taken the issue to the school board, which remains unresolved. “I thought they were going to have a change of heart. I am still hoping for one,” he said.