Sedan Smashes Into Parked Cars, Tables Outside Pat’s Steaks

Here’s another reason not to go to Pat’s. Besides the mediocre, overpriced steaks and touristy clientele, people tend to drive their cars right up on the sidewalk at high speed. But then, I guess we already knew Pat’s was bad for your health.

Last night at around 2 a.m., a driver traveling north on E. Passyunk Ave. reportedly ran a stop sign, attempted to avoid oncoming traffic, and smashed into a row of parked cars and benches outside Pat’s. The silver sedan smashed two other cars and hit an SUV hard enough to push it up a whole car length.

Last night being an Eagles game, there were plenty of customers outside during the incident—though there were no injuries to any patrons. One, Mike Berger, a tourist from Florida eating at Pat’s, described the scene for NBC:

“The driver was stumbling around and everyone was telling him to sit down, have a seat, and he was frantically moving stuff. We saw him drop a bottle of booze in the trash can… his head was bleeding and he went across the street. Folks were telling him to come back, sit down, sit down but he ended up running off.”

One passenger from the sedan was taken to a hospital for treatment, while another fled on foot but eventually turned himself in to police. Authorities are still searching for the driver, who also fled on foot.

Perhaps they ran to Tony Luke’s or Jim’s. Whoever it was just doesn’t seem dumb enough to go to Geno’s. [NBC]