Sandusky Prosecutors Criticize Penn State, Spare Paterno

CBS News has an interview with Frank Fina and Joseph McGettigan III, the main prosecutors in the case that sent Jerry Sandusky to trial. The two men are very critical of the Penn State hierarchy that, they say, obstructed the investigation into Sandusky’s crimes.

KETEYIAN: Did you two ever look at each other and go, “I can understand if they’re covering up recruiting violations. But this is serial sexual abuse of children that they are institutionally resisting efforts to uncover.”


FINA: Many times. I mean, that that happened over and over again. I mean, it just — just astonished —

MCGETTIGAN: You know what, there — there — some of the thinking on the simplest level, one of the simplest expressions of their thinking is, “Well, that was then. That was Jerry Sandusky. That was someone else. This is now. Let’s move on. We are Penn State.”

But they spare Joe Paterno, whose career ended with the charges against Sandusky.

KETEYIAN: Do you believe that Coach Paterno was a part of the conspiracy to conceal — to cover up the crimes at Penn State by Jerry Sandusky?

FINA: I do not. And — and I — I’m viewing this strictly on the evidence, not any kind of fealty to anybody. I did not find that evidence.

The full report airs tonight on Showtime.