Watch Chris Hayes Try *Really Hard* to Make Cory Booker Come Out

As a single guy who supports marriage equality unabashedly, Cory Booker has faced a lot of speculation about his sexual orientation. Earlier this week, Steve Lonegan, his opponent in the race for U.S. Senate made some ill-advised comments about those rumors, poking fun at Booker’s taste for mani-pedis, and declaring that “as a guy, I personally like being a guy.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes brought up those comments on his show last night, making it clear just how ridiculous he thought the whole discussion of Booker’s sexuality was. But but but but but but…he still insisted on pressing Booker repeatedly, arguing that it would be a boon for the gay community if Booker were to come out. (It didn’t seem to occur to him that Booker might not be gay.) Booker refused to directly address his sexuality, emphasizing a few times that he’d made his preferences clear many times in the past. (And even hinting at his straightness this week, in a Washington Post profile.) Watch Booker set off Hayes’s gaydar, below.