Nick Stuccio Is Deathly Afraid of Tsunamis

Plus, the FringeArts founder tells us about his love of Ultimate Frisbee and his familial connection to the Shore's most famous pizza place.

My name is … Nick Stuccio. Well, my real name is Dominick Stuccio, but that’s also my dad’s name, and someone thought it would be a bad idea to have two Dominicks running around the house.

I am a … producer and curator. My job is to champion artists and bring them to the public’s attention.

I grew up in … Northeastern Pennsylvania, where a lot of my Italian relatives landed. My great-uncle, Tony Maccaroni, started making pizza, and every subsequent relative who came, he would teach them. We have a bunch of pizzerias in our family, including all the Mack’s Pizzas at the Jersey Shore.

My children … are Carlo, Luca and Ella. When we were naming our kids, having a big old dago last name, we didn’t want to just name them Chuck or Kevin.

I live in … Narberth, a great little town. Still, I’d much rather live in the city, but the money just doesn’t get us there.

When I was 18 … I wanted to become a ballet dancer. When I was 17 and 11 months, I was sure I was going to become a doctor, like my dad. But then I stumbled upon a ballet class on my way to play some basketball.

The best thing about Philadelphia … is that you can still make of it what you want. It’s a frontier.

My wife and I met … in the back of the Pennsylvania Ballet rehearsal studio. She remembers me as being overly friendly.

If I had a pet ferret, I would name it … nothing. I would not get a ferret. And if I did, I would take it back to the pet shop or ferret mill.

One song that I turn way up … is “Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley.

If I were mayor … I would not want to be. But I would get rid of the stretch of I-95 between the bridges. I would give the city back its waterfront.

People would be surprised to know that I … love sports. Especially Ultimate Frisbee. I love to play. Anytime. Anyplace.

If you’re making me a cocktail … make it a beer instead. Something dark.

The farthest I’ve been from Philly … is Hong Kong, when my wife was six months pregnant with our twins. I got to my hotel after a 16-hour flight, and I got the message that she was in premature labor. It subsided.

My wife is always asking me … “When are you coming home?” Once or twice a day she asks. My schedule is crazy.

The last book I read cover to cover … was a book about the financial crisis, The Big Short. And now I’m reading Bull by the Horns, by the former FDIC chair. They make me feel good about my own financial crisis.

If I weren’t doing this … I would probably have wound up a urologist.

My biggest phobia is … a weird one. Tsunamis.

The one show you can’t miss at this year’s festival … is my man Romeo Castellucci’s On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God. He’s one of the most provocative experimenters out there.

I love to eat at … Bistrot La Minette and Zahav.

If you’re coming to my house for dinner, don’t bring … a thing. I like to do everything. I’m a controlling host. It’s my Italian upbringing.