Chip Kelly Has His Own Hamburger Now

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports on the new “Chip Kelly Burger” at Iron Hill Brewery. It includes Oregon bleu cheese, red-onion confit, crushed potato chips, and mushroom spread.

“Every year, we look forward to the start of football season, and with a new head coach running the show we’re more excited than ever,” said Iron Hill partner Kevin Finn. “The Chip Kelly Burger is our little way of welcoming him to town with a good meal and high hopes for a great first season with us.”

The Eagles open their season Sept. 9—Iron Hill will only offer the burger Sept. 8-9. It replaces the Andy Reid Burger—which was delicious for awhile, but then gave everybody terrible heartburn—and the Donovan McNabb Burger, which everybody seemed to hate even though it was the best and most-accomplished burger this town had seen since the 1960s.

You don’t want to know about the Michael Vick Burger.