10 Hot Moments From Boys of Summer Car Wash Video

Philly Boys of Summer get wet and soapy in new video.

Not everyone’s a fan of PhillyGayCalender‘s Boys of Summer car wash video. (Philebrity even called it “more unseeable” than Miley’s performance at the VMAs!) But we’re putting ourselves in the “like it” category. Philly gay boys in Speedos soaping up each other to Katy Perry’s “Roar?” Come on, that just screams (or, uh, roars) good time.

Here, we round up 11 of the hot, hot, hottest moments. You can watch the video in its entirety below. 

1. The whole thing starts with a classic bulge shot. Boing!

2. Looks like somebody’s about to get wet.

3. Told you!

4. This guy says, “Screw the car. Wash me, wash me!”

5. Sex eyes (and biceps and abs and pecs) for days.

6. Sponges tickle, apparently.

7. G Philly‘s summer Stripped model Jerrell Goodson smooches all up on a guy in a red hat.

8.  Wow, red hat guy is getting all kinds of action. Here, he’s being ravaged by Mr. Gay Philadelphia 2013.

9. Men, men, glorious men.

10. Red hat guy finally finds time to wash the car. (Psst. Look out behind you!)

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