With Guns Unaccounted For, Ramsey Cracks Down

The Daily News reports Commissioner Charles Ramsey has replaced the head of the police department’s firearms training unit, after an audit showing a gun missing from the department’s stockpile of 1,356 M-16 rifles.

Right now, we have 12 guns that we still need to locate, but we have more than 100 officers that we’ve not yet checked with,” Ramsey said.

“It’s too soon to say we can’t locate [the firearms]. We have some officers who are out on IOD [injured on duty] status, and others that are detailed to other units.

The command switch was not directly linked to any concerns about the ongoing audit, Ramsey said.

“I’m just trying to make a few moves, here and there,” Ramsey said. “It’s no reflection on [Fisher’s] ability. He’s a fine leader and a good man.”

It’s a good thing he’s not too worried. After all, how much damage in Philadelphia could possibly be done with a dozen M-16s?