PA Gay Rights Bill Kill By You-Know-Who

It’s widely assumed that before gay marriage comes to Pennsylvania, a basic LGBT non-discrimination law needs to pass. (I.E. a statewide law that would make it illegal to fire a gay person for being gay.) Such a bill would seem to be  foregone conclusion, with a record 90 Republican and Democratic co-sponsors. And yet, it won’t pass anytime soon. Why? It’s been blocked by the most fervently anti-gay rights legislator in Harrisburg, who happens to chair the committee that controls its fate.

The measure was referred to the State Government Committee, which is made up of 15 Republicans and 10 Democrats, and its ranking Democrat has prodded the chairman for a hearing. But Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, said he believes the majority of his panel opposes the bill. “It’s interesting that when they’re in the majority, they’re not able to pass their priorities,” he said. “But when they’re in the minority, they want us to pass them for them.”

I gather you all remember the “God’s law” comment? [Newsworks]