Computer Doesn’t Like Eagles QB Situation, Either

CBS Philly reports that a computer program called “The Predictalator” has decided the Eagles have a slightly better chance than, say, you, of winning the next Super Bowl: A 0.5 percent chance, to be precise.

The Predicalator also predicted the outcome of every Eagles game. The average score of the season opener against the Redskins has the Eagles falling by an average score of 32.4 to 26.2. The Eagles are favored to win their next two games, against the Chargers and the Chiefs. They are only favored to win four of the 16 games on the schedule, but finish with an average of seven wins. They have a 22.8% chance of making the playoffs.

The Eagles have the 11th ranked offense in the simulations, and the 29th ranked defense. Their greatest strengths are “speed and tempo,” and their greatest weakness is listed as “uncertainty.”

The computer also predicted 11,654 “they booed Santa Claus” references in the national media this season.