LISTEN: New Lady Gaga Track From ‘ARTPOP’ Leaked On the Web

Momma monster's back with a tease from her upcoming album.

For those who’ve been waiting impatiently for Gaga’s return, you finally can rest easy. The queen monster is back in a big way this week – first in the headlines slamming Russia for its war against homosexuals, and, today, a song from her upcoming album, ARTPOP, was released. 

It looks like it’s called either “Aura” or “Burqa” and it starts out weird — sort of like she’s talking over a loud speaker to a Kill Bill soundtrack. Then it moves  into more-familiar Gaga territory, with hard, club beats and witchy speak-vocals surrounding more-mellifluous choruses. I kind of like it, especially after the whole Kill Bill part, but some critics aren’t so impressed.

Check out the song here, but hurry, I’ve noticed it’s already been ripped off of some sites.