Former Philly Cop Michael Chitwood Gets a Book Deal

Michael Chitwood’s life is full of stories—like that time he beat down a perp with a pool cue, or when he called a press conference to demonstrate how stun guns work before performing the demonstration on himself, or when he disguised himself as a woman as part of the city’s narcotics unit. The list goes on, but now, thanks to Philly-based Camino books, who just inked a book deal with Chitwood, we’ll have all those tales bound up into one collection this coming September.

Chitwood, now head of the Upper Darby Police Department, however, hasn’t relaxed since the incidents that made him a public figure went down. In fact, he still tags along on bike patrols and kicks in doors during drug raids. But, then, with Chitwood being a devoted, passionate 49-year veteran of police enforcement, we probably shouldn’t expect much to change. [Metro]