Eagles “Excuse” Riley Indefinitely…But Plan to Bring Him Back

No, not for you bad behavior, which will linger cruelly on your Wikipedia page forever, but from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Wide receiver Riley Cooper has left the Eagles indefinitely to seek counseling for his racist slur against a security guard in June at a Kenny Chesney concert.
In a statement released by the team, the Eagles gave no timetable for when the fourth-year wideout would return and emphasized Cooper’s need for sensitivity training.

Hold your horses, Cooper-getting-canned oddsmakers. Birds 24/7 reports that the Eagles as of yet have no intention of releasing the pony-tailed wideout.

However, this move is not being viewed by the Eagles as a precursor to a release. The plan, as of now, is to bring Cooper back once his counseling is completed…Ultimately, Cooper’s fate may be decided by his teammates. If he is accepted, then he would likely stay with the team. If they cannot get past the issue, the Eagles might have to act.

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