No More Private Parties at the North Shore Beach Club

The Daily NewsMolly Eichel reports:

NORTH SHORE Beach Club just got itself into hot water. The Northern Liberties members-only swimming pool canceled all of its private parties for the rest of the summer, giving some party promoters as little as two weeks’ notice to find another venue. I hear it was 14 parties.

“We had some promoters who overstepped and invited way too many people,” said Brian Nagele, owner of the North Shore Beach Club. “Some promoters were using the venue as a nightclub. We’re not a nightclub. We can’t handle that.”

The private events were canceled, Nagele said, because of noise complaints, although they did not receive official police citations.

Promoters of the now-canceled events are feeling cranky, though: “If there’s a problem, you stop taking new events,” said one. “You don’t cancel the events you have.”