WATCH: Local Singer Sees Dead People In New Video (and In Real Life)

George Alley's new work is inspired by those moments when he's "visited by something outside of myself."

Local and fabulously creative singer-songwriter George Alley dropped a new video this week for his song “Smoke,” a haunting, new wave-tinged tune that he says was inspired by several experiences he’s had since childhood where he was “visited by something outside of myself.” 

Say what?

“When I lived in the Roberts Quay [House] on 10th and Spruce,” he told me as an example, “I once was visited by a child sitting in a chair who just stared at me until I got to close to him. He was hurt and had a bandaged leg.”

Creepy, huh?

The video was was directed by local photographer Adam Peditto, and stars a host of local creatives, like choreographer/author Carolyn Merritt, visual artist and COLLAGE festival creator Toby Celery and Sy Boccari and Dave Szewczuk of queer electro band Naked Highway.

Check out the video below. And don’t worry, the child with the bandaged leg doesn’t make an appearance. Or does he …

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