When Ed Rendell Gives Up on the Phillies, the Phillies Are in Bad Shape

Ed Rendell has at last come to grips with the brutal mediocrity of the Philadelphia Phillies, and is advising a firesale. (Last month, the eternal optimist was singing a different tune: “It’s much too soon to bid these Phillies goodbye.”

It’s really over. So forget what I said – no buying. Sell. Not the whole kit and caboodle, but sell. And I think it’s time for the front office to be honest with the fans and admit the sad truth that we have all been trying to avoid – that it’s over and it’s time to look to the future. Maybe not a total overhaul because with Lee, Hamels and a revitalized Halladay we may not be too far away from being a contender. But for the most part, it’s time for Ruben Amaro and Dave Montgomery to pull the plug.

Ed: Good news–Cliff Lee might just get traded for a 20-year-old Aruban shortstop you’ve never heard of!

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