Chris Christie Gambles on Atlantic City’s Future

NewsWorks reports that Chris Christie is, er, doubling down on his support for Atlantic City’s revival:

“We’re two-and-a-half years into a five year plan, and I’m not happy with the results at the moment. That may mean that we need to take some more action when the Legislature comes back into session after the election, but we’re going to continue to plug away on it,” he said. “I am not giving up on Atlantic City.”

Christie says the state is continuing its push to legalize sports betting to help differentiate Atlantic City from casino competitors in nearby states.

“When Atlantic City was a monopoly, we drained money out of there and spent it all over the state, didn’t reinvest it back in Atlantic City,” he said. “And now Atlantic City has the problems that it has, in part, because we haven’t invested in it, both the casino operators and the government.”

The solution? Clearly, it’s to invest $25 million in strippers.