Badass Colonial Re-Enactor Doesn’t Care About Yer Damn Heat Wave

Meet this badass. No, not Gen. Samuel Nicholas (pictured above), who died in 1790 in Philadelphia during a yellow fever epidemic. But Doug Thomas, the dude who impersonates him, walking around Independence Mall. Decked out in tri-corn hat, thick scarf, and green overcoat in 90-something degree heat, here’s what he told one CBS reporter: “I’ve been doing this for 18 years. You get used to it. These are all natural fibers.” He also reveals his foolproof plan for escaping the heat, natural fibers or not: “I’ve watched people walk down the street. They could walk in the shadow of a building or they could walk in the bright sunlight. They pay no attention and walk in the bright sunlight where it’s several degrees warmer.” [CBS 3]