Temple Grad Behind Viral “Dear George Zimmerman” Post on Facebook

You may have seen this posted on Facebook the last couple of days:

Turns out the author, Alex Fraser, is one of Philly’s own. He’s now living in Los Angeles. TCI News Now reports:

Fraser is a recent graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia. His degree is in theatre. He applied to Yale for graduate school, was turned down. He made the short-list at NYU, but not the final cut. He pushed through.

At last count, his letter had 179,398 “likes” and 79,153 “shares” on Facebook. The day Alex’s message went viral, found Alex at his day job.

“My phone kept buzzing,” he said. “My friends were calling and I was telling them, ‘I’m stocking cereal right now. I can’t even talk about what’s going on’.”

Fraser gave an interview to CNN’s Headline News Now about the letter. You can watch it here.