Love Park May Get Mysterious Makeover In the Not-Too-Distant Future

News you don’t care about: The city is planning to sell the garage beneath LOVE Park to a developer. News you do care about: Whoever that developer is gets a bunch of control to renovate/remodel LOVE Park itself.

The buyer of the deteriorating, 820-space garage would also serve as the developer and project manager of a $16.5 million overhaul of the park, which would be paid for by the city. The administration would retain approval over the design, which would have to follow rules laid out when the city posted the sale notice on its website Wednesday. The design must keep – and most likely upgrade – the most iconic features, including the fountain, the Fairmount Park Welcome Center with its “Googie-style” design, and Robert Indiana’s tourist-magnet sculpture.

The rest seems to be up for grabs. So….can we finally get rid of the Kraft Mac n Cheese “sculpture” befouling the park? Temporary giant L.L. Bean boots are fine. [Inquirer]