WATCH: A Video Sneak Peek at Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s Little Nonna’s

The Midtown Village restauranteurs share the making-of experience of their latest project.

Sorry to do this when you’re just getting back to lunch, but …

Several weeks back I told you about Midtown Village restauranteurs Marcie Turney and Valarie Safran’s newest project, Little Nonna’s, which is all set to open at 1234 Locust St., in the Gayborhood, in August. Today, the gals have released a “trailer” that chronicles the making of the restaurant, which they say is inspired by the “‘red sauce’ family-owned ristorantes of Italian immigrants.”

The place looks absolutely charming, and the food … well, let’s just say watching the video’s going to make you mighty hungry. Check out a few more stills from the vid below, and click here to watch it in full.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Turney and Safran and all the exciting new things coming to the Gayborhood, check out this article, published yesterday on The Philly Post, that tells the “Real Story of the Gayborhood Revival.” It adds much-needed depth — and reality — to a too-quickly-pulled-together article about our gay enclave in this weekend’s New York Times.