Finally, Some Locally-Sourced Cronut Porn

We’ve lost New York. Cronuts–sorry #Cronuts–are still wreaking havoc there more than a month after patient zero was infected in Soho. (Interminable lines, Craigslist blowjobs, etc.) According to Philly Mag food editor Jason Sheehan, using a carefully thought-out zombie analogy, we are currently in the endemic phase of a propagated outbreak. In other words, the virus has only affected foodies thus far, but other populations remain vulnerable. (The cronut, for those of you who do not follow important news, is a mix between croissant and donut).

Just around the corner from the Philly Mag bunker, Swiss Haus bakery has debuted Philly’s own version this week, diplomatically called the “Swiss Cro-Creme.” Here is the evidence, gathered yesterday by Foobooz.

Today, it dawned on us all that this trend would last more than a day–a week, at least!–prompting Philly Mag to get a professional shot for posterity.



Despite my suspicion of all things #trending, the Swiss Haus cronut I tried today was damn good. And the lines are non-existent at the Haus. Not just that, but the Philly cronut Zombies are stuck in Glasgow, because our cronut tax credit expired.

Photo: Eddy Rhenals-Narvaez