Schools Left in Limbo as City Council’s Summer Break Has Officially Begun

City Council’s on vacation, beginning…now. On its last day of the current legislative term, the gang of 17 approved the Mayor’s 2014 budget, along with a gentrification relief measure that will give property tax deferrals to low-income residents getting hammered by AVI. What it didn’t do might prove more significant, however: Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez declined to bring her proposed Use and Occupancy Tax to a vote, which would have generated $30 million for the school district. Having raised somewhere around $75 million through a cigarette tax increase and other improved tax collection measures, Council now passes the baton to the state and the teacher’s union, which must fill the rest of the District’s $300 million shortfall.

Also, an ejaculation reference. [Inquirer]